Monday, June 1, 2009

Bobcats file protest related to Sunday's game

Bobcats General Manager Gordon Guess filed a formal protest in relation to Sunday's game at Tradewater, where Pirate hitters were believed to be using composite bats during the game. 

KIT League rules prohibit the use of aluminum, composite or any type of bat other than wood. Manager Steve Fowler approached umpires in the second inning of Sunday's game after the Pirates scored three runs allegedly using composite-type bats. An on-field ruling that could have changed the complexion of the game was denied, so Guess filed the protest to league Commissioner Randy Morgan on Monday afternoon.
"I had to do it," Guess said of the protest, which had to be filed within 24 hours of the referenced incident. "It took me about two hours to write it up, but it's in the mail."
Guess and Fowler explain that KIT League rules read that any hit made using a composite or any type of bat other than wood should be ruled an out. Had the hits off Bobcat starter Evan Vineyard in the second inning of Sunday's game been ruled outs, the three runs would not have scored in what ended a 5-3 win for Tradewater, Fowler said.
Guess was hardly angry at the situation, but felt the protest was necessary to maintain the integrity of the five-year summer collegiate league.
Guess said it could be possible for Morgan to rule the game to be replayed, particularly if it affects the season-ending standings in relation to playoff positioning. The Pirates have five days to respond to the protest once it is processed at league headquarters in Paducah, Guess said.